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Dear Melissa friends and family,

As we monitor the spread of COVID-19 in the US we have taken extra precautions to keep our communities as safe as possible and wanted to keep you, our extended family, abreast.

Our HQ in New York is working remotely to keep our teams as safe and healthy as possible. The warehouses we work with in NJ and GA are still operating normally which means orders from and from our trading partners are being fulfilled in a timely manner. If any of this changes, you will be the first to know.

Our retail locations are following the protocol and guidelines of the malls where they are located however we have communicated to our teams that if anyone is not feeling well they should stay home. As of right now, the two malls where we are present that have decided to close their doors are Disney Springs in Orlando, FL and the Mall of San Juan in San Juan, Puerto Rico. For those stores that are still open, cleanliness has always been a top priority. Because our shoes are made of plastic, they have always been easy to clean with disinfectant wipes and our team does so after anyone has tried a pair on. Last but not least, because all of our products are made in Brazil we have not seen a slowdown in production capacity as the virus is not widespread there as of yet.

While we are attempting to go about our business as normally as possible we are cognizant of the hardships people are experiencing all around the world. It is difficult finding a balance between the grim realities the world is facing and the beautiful, aesthetic nature of our business. We hope we are able to bring some hope and joy through our social channels and email communication realizing that there are more important things we all need to focus on right now.

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

The Melissa Family